Thursday, December 2, 2010

Panic mode. . .

About two months after we found out we were expecting our little Baby Reeder and I was all hyped up on IV's, I had this dream that I wasn't really pregnant! I woke up in panic mode and just started to cry. Devin asked what was wrong and I balled, "What if I'm not really pregnant!?! They haven't done an ultrasound, or listened for a heartbeat. What if my body is just making all this up and I have some crazy disease that makes me puke all the time!"
Taking a breath Devin smiled and said,"You wouldn't be this sick if you weren't pregnant.  You've had all the signs and you took a test."
I interupted,"Tests can be wrong."
He continued patiently,"True, but that one wasn't." We had to go to the doctors that day to pick up some paperwork and while he was there he told nurse Dixie about my craziness. She laughed and told him she'd go find the papers that said I really was expecting to put me at ease. When she came back she said,"Devin this is the strangest thing. We have run every test there is to run, but an actual pregnancy test, but there is no way she isn't pregnant."
Coming back out to the car Devin told me the news and I lost it all over again. He told me that I was and even stopped at the pharmacy and picked up the "most accurate" pregnancy test he could find and said,"If this one comes out positive, stop worrying. You ARE PREGNANT."
Seconds after "testing" the stick was positive and all my worries subsided. I worried and paniced for nothing.