Monday, May 23, 2011

Cora and the Helicopter Ride.

Dr. Firth let me have her just after he cut the cord and the nurses quickly started to clean her off and started checking her. After they did an inital check they brought her back to me wrapped up and let us get a few pictures. I was told they had to take Cora to the NICU for the full check and it would take a while, but to rest, and Devin could go be with her while I was recovering. Dr. Firth kissed his hand and place it on my forehead and told me how good I did and he'd check on me shortly. I was trying to relax and started my texting madness to let people know she was born when Dr. Firth came back in and told me to hold off for a while.

He explained to me that little Cora had a heart murmmer and she was going to have to be life flighted to Primary Childrens Medical Center. I looked him in the eye and told him with the upmost assurance that she was going to be fine. Then I asked if I could go be with her until Life Flight got there to take her away.

After getting permission I started to get out of bed to nurses surprise and was told to relax until she had a wheel chair for me. Anxious as I was, I kindly asked her to hurry up. My Mom, Dad, Devin and I were all there and moments later Emily showed up as well. I was able to stand by her bedside while the nurses were doing everything they could.

I could see a line down her belly where half of her was the right color and the other half was blue, including her legs. She still looked perfect to me, and I had this calming feeling that she would be fine. The nurses at Logan Regional took pictures of her for me so I would be able to look at her even though I wasn't able to be with her.

After Life Flight arrived, they had to put her on a ventilator, and I was asked to leave back to my room, but was promised that they would bring her back to me before she left on her helicopter ride. Shortly after I made it back to my room in came Life Flight with my baby girl attached to all these different cords and attachments. Quickly the nurses explained what each thing was for and what it did. I was able to give her a kiss and they were gone. Devin was able to go out and take picture of the helicopter leaving. My dad went with and videoed the event on his phone. They came back to me, Kissed me goodbye and left to go be with our baby down in Salt Lake City. This all happened between 3:35 and 6:00 a.m.

Once Cora made it to Primary Children's, she had multiple tests ran. After Devin and my Dad arrived they had to wait another hour and fourty-five minutes before they were able to see her again. The Dr's informed them that she had something called Persistent Pulmanary Hypertention of the Newborn. (PPHN) When a baby takes their first breath there is a transition that is suppose to occur and it didn't happen correctly with her. Some of her valves didn't close off and they were shooting blood to the lungs that weren't soft enough to take and oxygenate the blood, it then sent it back to the heart (like back flow) and the heart sent the blood through out the body without the oxygen. They don't know what causes this to happen, but it is able to be corrected. Devin was told to plan on a minimum of 2 weeks if not 3 or 4.

Miracles happen and 12 days later Cora was able to go home. I didn't realize how life threatening this really was to her. Cora's first day alive was very touch and go, but through prayers and blessings, she was a miracle. The Dr's and Nurses even told us that they have never in all their years working seen a baby heal so quickly.

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