Monday, October 10, 2011

My fat Belly!

Dear Friends and Family that actually follow my blog, I give you my sincere apologies for not keeping you up to day with the events going on in the life of the Reeder family. I have been a bit pre-occupied with Cora. It's amazing how fast they grow. My last posting was that of my sister's doing. Since then I have had many people ask me to post more pictures of my fat belly this will be only that. I hope you find these amusing and some comical:) My pregnant photos were taken by my sister Emily, on April 13, nine days before Cora was born!

This one was taken because during my entire pregnancy I had to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME!!

Look closely you can see a slightly pained expression on my face, I was having a contraction in the middle of this photo.  I was in labor for more than two weeks.

I almost didn't put this one up because I didn't want my bare belly being seen by the entire world, but then I thought, anyone who reads this most likely knows me well enough to not be offended by this photo. You can see the line that goes down the middle great in this pic!

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